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If you are browsing through hotels trying to find the best one for your needs and budget, there are probably factors you generally consider, including price, location and amenities. 

Travelling For Business 

Finding a hotel for a business trip, to host a meeting with clients or accommodate a convention means you are probably looking at a different set of amenities than for a holiday or short break. If you need to find meeting rooms southampton, London, Manchester and all other UK cities have a selection of hotels offering meeting corporate rooms and conference rooms of various sizes. Conference rooms vary from a small and basic room that will seat about 8 people, to larger rooms seating hundreds of participants and offering state of the art audio-visual and computing equipment. It's worth determining exactly what you need, both in terms of room size and facilities and not paying for more than you actually need. Many better and larger hotels have what is often termed a business centre, with computers, copiers and fax machines and this can be useful as it's typically available 24 hours a day. If your job involves you meeting clients on a more casual basis, a comfortable and quiet bar or lounge might be ideal. And a fitness centre or swimming pool can be the perfect place to unwind after a long or tough business meeting or presentation.

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Travelling For Pleasure

Of course, if you are staying at a hotel while on holiday, the last thing you may want to visit there is a business centre, and you probably don't need a conference room either. Most people on holiday look for a clean and comfortable room, perhaps with a restaurant or bar on site, and maybe room service too. If you are splurging or travelling for an anniversary or other special occasion, you may want a room with a Jacuzzi, or to spend a little more on what the hotel chains like to describe as a deluxe or upgraded room. Free Wi-Fi is a necessity today for most of us, even if you aren't travelling on business, and of course, a telephone, flat screen TV, alarm clock and tea and coffee maker are also considered to be essentials.

Whether you are staying in the hotel for pleasure or for business, price is important. Always compare prices, ask for any applicable discounts and keep in mind that many hotels focusing on business travellers are cheaper at the weekend.